Upcoming Events

The DNPS typically has three or four events each year, plus a field outing when the opportunity arises. When an event is finalized, members will receive an email annoucement, and all the details will be posted right here, and on our Facebook page. Check back with us because we will update this page regularly.

We had good success with our new reforestation plot at Woodland Beach Wildlife Area in 2020 & 2021, but we have more work to do. Please stayed tuned as we firm up details of these projects. We are very excited about them and will be posting information as soon as we can.

It has come to our attention that there is some old information out there on the Internet about our annual plant sale. We no longer have an annual plant sale. But you know how the Internet is; once something makes it on there, it tends to persist like the basal rosette of a Polystichum acrostichoides through Winter! Sorry for the misinformation. But there are many other fantastic Spring sales throughout the region, and an Internet search will easily turn them up.