Mission Statement

Welcome to the Delaware Native Plant Society (DNPS). We are a volunteer-based, publicly supported, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the use, propagation, promotion, and conservation of native plants and their natural habitats through education, science, advocacy, and land stewardship. The Society was created on 18 March 1998 and we have made some great progress over the years in the realization of our vision statement. But we need the concerned public to maintain this trend as your membership strengthens the Society’s role as the voice for our native plants. We encourage you to browse around this site, join the Society, attend some events, and truly get involved in one of only a handful of organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region that are dedicated to improving the natural habitats of Delaware, and your own backyard, through the use of native plants.

In accordance with our mission statement, we have developed our own definition of what a native plant is. This is a widely conversed topic that has numerous definitions based on various factors and it is easy to find many variations on the primary themes of geography and time. The DNPS accepts it as a species that naturally occurs in any geographic area of Delaware (or the rest of the United States) without the intentional or unintentional actions of humans and without regard to any time scale or period.